Don't Skip Practice

Earlier today, Blues forward T.J. Oshie was suspended for 2 games by GM Doug Armstrong for "skipping practice".

The former first round pick will miss Tuesday's game vs. the Wild and Wednesdays game vs. the Red Wings.  Fortunately for Oshie he will not be fined, but this will shorten an already abbreviated season.  He missed 31 games due to a broken ankle he suffered November 10th. 

This is just a dumb mistake on his part.  Even though the Blues are out of playoff contention there is no excuse for not showing up to practice.  Its good to see the Doug Armstrong is not afraid to dish out punishment.  


  1. Seriously, I wish more sports would do this to their players. Fuck them and their huge egos.

  2. sounds a little harsh, his fault though

  3. it's what he gets for bein' a slacker!

  4. Next time they're gonna ground him.