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Do you have questions about the blog? An idea for a post? Networking? Wanna tell us we're terrible bloggers? Feel free to do all of that and more. Just shoot us an email at ducks2nucks@gmail.com.

What Does Your Name Mean?
"From Ducks To Nucks" was probably the hardest part about starting the blog.  We knew we wanted to make an NHL Blog but we had no idea what to call it.  We kicked around a bunch of dumb ideas and then Adam came up with the idea.  "From Ducks" references the first team in the league (alphabetically) which is the Anaheim Ducks, and "To Nucks" references the second to last team in the league (alphabetically) which is the Vancouver Canucks.  Obviously "Nucks" is an abbreviation for Canucks.  Also, we took into account that Washington is indeed the last alphabetical team in the league but we don't care and neither should you. "From Ducks to Caps" is just stupid. Also, now that Winnipeg has a team the legitimacy of our name is completely thrown out the window. 

(Yes I made it myself. Back off)

Why Did You Start Blogging?
Well, we decided to start our blog for a few reasons.  1) We were bored.  It was the start of the college semester and there wasn't much going on work wise.  2) On top of that, Adam and I both like to think that we are somewhat knowledgable when it comes to hockey and we felt that we could share our opinions to the general public.  3) For fun. We wanted to see if we could do it and after just a few days we found that this is actually very fun.

Who Are We?
Evan- A Business Management Major/Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Major at Point Park University located in downtown Pittsburgh.  I have been interested in sports for as long as I can remember and have always been a homer for the Pens, Steelers, and Pirates.  Co-founded the blog with fellow writer Adam. 

Adam- A Cinema and Digital Arts Major at Point Park University located in downtown Pittsburgh.  Adam is 5'8", and sports a light skin complexion and dark curly hair. He enjoys movies, music, and food.  Adam also enjoys the Pens, and heckling the outfielders at Pirate games.  

QuinnA Cinema major at Point Park University. He stands with a lanky 5'10'', 145 lb frame and has boy band hair. He has been in and around sports his entire life. A Steelers supporter, an avid Pens fan, but gave up on the Pirates in 2003 when they traded Brian Giles.

Who Created Your Bad-Ass Banner?
Our banner was designed by Adam's brother Jake.  Jake is a junior at Robert Morris University and is majoring in Graphic Design.  We would like to thank Jake for his fantastic work and I'm sure we will see more from him in the near future.

What if I want to link our blogs?
We have 40,000+ page views and counting. If you want to link our blogs so that our links show up on each others home pages just shoot us and email at ducks2nucks@gmail.com stating that you want this and give us a link to your blog. All we require is that you link us back on your page. 

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