Around the League: Season's Greetings

Hockey season started and stuff.

Sorry guys, we really dropped the ball for a while there.

Really though, this season is off to a solid start, and for what its worth, we're coming back to blogging with a vengeance*.  Some points of interest from this young season so far after the jump.

*Vengeance is subject to change.  Make the jump, like a boss.


The Beauty of Twitter in the NHL, Pt.9

Hey guys.

Mike Modano has a Twitter and stuff. Halloween's right around the corner.

Straight up gross. Nobody wants to see Modano's wrinkly old balls.


Season Preview: Evgeni Malkin

″I hope people understand this is (a) new me,″ Malkin said. ″I've changed my workouts because maybe I was lazy before. Maybe I just played hockey, and that (was) good enough, but (there) is more for me to do."
″My motivation now is very good.″ Additionally Malkin stated that he was, "coming for foreskins," and that, "he forgot his sense of mercy back in Chernobyl."
The other 29 teams better keep their heads up, because it looks like this season Evgeni Malkin is taking over.  From watching him play and reading his interviews, it looks like Malkin is taking his game to a whole new level, and taking no prisoners.

This article by Pittsburgh Trib writer Rob Rossi, confirms what Pens fans have been waiting all off-season to hear. Malkin is coming back from injury with a vengeance. In that article you can find Malkin's daily schedule, which is notably missing his half hour "Mock Gretzky" sessions, and his favorite two exercises ("Team Lifting: Literally Putting the Team on His Back" and "Kicking Down Doors Into Business Meetings").

Believe me, I hate to come off as a homer by writing Malkin's praises before the season starts, but he just looks so solid that it's hard for any analyst to not take notice.