Sell Out

13,000 in 17 minutes.

That is the number of season tickets that were sold to Winnipeg fans during a 3 day pre-sale and 17 minutes into their public sale. 5,850 were sold during that 17 minute span as the other 7,150 were sold to the season ticket holders of the Manitoba Moose the previous 3 days.

The numbers equate to this:

-5,850 season tickets sold in 17 minutes.
-344 season tickets sold per minute.
-6 season tickets sold per second.

In addition, each season ticket holder must retain their tickets for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years.

So, 3-5 years of 13,000 season tickets sold during a pre-sale and in 17 minutes?  It would appear that the Winnipeg fans are itching for hockey and as the days go by, they get closer and closer.