Kaberle Signs in Carolina; Bruins Bring in Corvo

Today has been an uncharacteristically busy day for free agency. I know this because I've been working the Ducks2Nucks twitter today, and it is blowing up with signings rumors and trades. Two of the most impacting transactions of the day have been Tomas Kaberle's new contract in Carolina, and Joe Corvo being moved by the Hurricanes to Boston in exchange for a 4th round draft pick.

It's no secret that Kaberle didn't work out the way fans wanted him to in Boston, and we knew he wasn't resigning there, so maybe playing in Carolina will click better for him and show an upgrade in stats. As far as Joe Corvo and the Bruins go, Boston was just looking for an avid replacement for Kaberle on the blueline, and Corvo could very well be that replacement.

Corvo hasn't ever put up as many assists as Kaberle, and usually doesn't match his point totals, but as of late he's stepped up as a veteran defensive leader who can put the puck in the net.

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