Matt Cooke Recieves Big Suspension for Brutal Elbow

Today Penguins enforcer, and noted NHL villain, Matt Cooke received a suspension that will cover the rest of the regular season and the first round of the playoffs. A suspension of such length covers at least 14 games and at most 17.

Last Sunday Cooke delivered an unnecessary elbow to the head of New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh. It has been implied that the NHL is using this hit as an example as Cooke is a repeat offender and the hit showed intent to injure. Cooke will forfeit over $200,000 in salary

The Penguins general manager Ray Shero offered this statement:
“The suspension is warranted because that’s exactly the kind of hit we’re trying to get out of the game. Head shots have no place in hockey. We’ve told Matt in no uncertain terms that this kind of action on the ice is unacceptable and cannot happen. Head shots must be dealt with severely, and the Pittsburgh Penguins support the NHL in sending this very strong message.”

As a Pens fan, I am disgusted and disappointed with Cooke. He deserves every punishment the NHL offers him.


  1. I agree, that is definitely a cheap shot and should be dealt with.

  2. I hate when people in physical contact sports get in trouble for hurting each other. It's bullshit.

  3. I'm a pens fan to. I'm just hearing about this.

  4. a little violence in hockey is nice, but that was a lame cheap shot.