Canucks Advance; Detroit Faces Elimination

After last nights game, the Vancouver Canucks join the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins in the Conference Final round.  They defeated the Nashville Predators by a score of 2-1 last night and take the series 4-2.

There is no doubt that Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne kept them in this series.  He had an unbelievable series for the offensively challenged Preds.  Without him, Nashville could have easily been swept.

The game changer in this series for Vancouver was Ryan Kesler.  Kesler was all over the ice registering 11 points in only 6 games.  He threw Nashville off their game, as he constantly crashed the net and aggravated the Predators defense.  He was strong all season for the Canucks and now that the playoffs are here he hasn't disappointed.  

Tonight, the Detroit Red Wings will take on the San Jose Sharks in game six as the Red Wings face elimination.  Detroit is a seasoned team so it will be interesting to see if they force a game seven.  They will have to rely on strong goaltending and they will need their leaders to step up if they want to win. 


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