All-Star Alternate Captains Announced

     With the January 30th All-Star Game quickly approaching,  Team Staal's and Team Lidstrom's rosters have tripled with the announcement that Ryan Kesler, Mike Green, Patrick Kane, and Martin St. Louis will represent their respective teams as alternate captains.  Kesler and Green will be paired with Staal, while Kane and St. Louis will be put with Lidstrom. 

With that being said, lets take a look at our 2011 NHL All-Star Captains, and their Alternates:

Team Staal

F- Eric Staal (Captain)
-Born: October 29, 1984 (26 years old).
-2nd overall pick in the 2003 NHL Draft (behind Marc-Andre Fleury)
-Captain of the Carolina Hurricanes.
-47 games played.
-22 goals and 25 assists for 47 points.
-Was an All-Star in 2003 (Youngstars Game), 2007, 2008, and 2009.
-2007 All-Star MVP.
-Won Stanley Cup in 2005-06
-Olympic Gold Medalist in 2010

F- Ryan Kesler (Alternate Captain)
-Born: August 31, 1984 (26 years old).
-23rd overall pick in the 2003 NHL Draft.
-Alternate Captain of the Vancouver Canucks.
-47 games played.
-25 goals and 19 assists for 44 points.
-1st career All-Star appearance
-Olympic Silver Medalist in 2010.

D- Mike Green (Alternate Captain)
-Born: October 12, 1985 (25 years old).
-29th overall pick in the 2004 NHL Draft.
-Defenseman for the Washington Capitals.
-41 games played.
-8 goals and 13 assists for 21 points.
-Was an All-Star in 2009 and 2010.
-2 time Norris Trophy nominee.

Team Lidstrom

D- Nick Lidstrom (Captain)
-Born: April 28, 1970 (40 years old).
-53rd overall pick in the 1989 NHL Draft.
-Captain of the Detroit Red Wings.
-47 games played.
-11 goals and 31 assists for 42 points.
-12 time All-Star.
-6 time Norris Trophy Winner (Best Defenseman)
-4 time Stanley Cup Champion.
-Olympic Gold Medalist in 2006.
-Playoff MVP in 2002.
-Over 1000 career points in 18 NHL seasons.

F- Patrick Kane (Alternate Captain)
-Born: November 19, 1988 (22 years old).
-1st overall pick in the 2007 NHL Draft.
-Forward for the Chicago Blackhawks.
-38 games played.
-13 goals and 22 assists for 35 points.
-2008 Calder Trophy winner (Best Rookie).
-Was an All-Star in 2009.
-Won the Stanley Cup in 2010.
-Olympic Silver Medalist in 2010.

F- Martin St. Louis (Alternate Captain)
-Born: June 18, 1975 (35 years old).
-Was not drafted.
-Alternate Captain for the Tampa Bay Lightning.
-49 games played.
-19 goals and 39 assists for 58 points.
-5 time All-Star.
-2004 Stanley Cup Champion.
-2004 Hart Trophy Winner (NHL MVP).
-2004 Art Ross Winner (Leading NHL Scorer).

Come January 28th, these teams of 3 will collectively draft the remaining rosters.  They will flip a coin to determine who gets first pick and from then on out they will alternate picks until everyone is drafted.  St. Louis, Kane, Green, and Kesler all have teammates in the draft pool.

In addition, Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby and Edmonton's Ales Hemsky are up in the air about playing.  Both are injured.

Should be a good time.


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