Welcome... From Quinn

Hello, my name is Quinn. I am an eighteen year old film student at Point Park University, an attention deprived middle child and a hopeless romantic. Because of those three depressing attributes, and with much inspiration from Adam and Evan, I have turned to the various aspects of hockey for joy and solace in the past few months. This has just added to my love for the game and to my appreciation for the small inklings of hilarity that can be found between players, coaches and broadcasting staff.

To be continued.....

Though I and my counterparts have never before blogged I believe we share a common goal to ultimately provided you, the lovely general public, with articles that will be filled with clever witticisms and packed full of information. In my case, I will undergo intense amounts of research to provide you with the most accurate and heartfelt account that I can give.

With much excitement and brewing anticipation we've hit the ground running…skating?… running.

Leave me alone.


  1. There was a cool thing on TV I saw about this.

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