You're Doing It Peter!

As I sit at my Macbook, fondly watching videos of Matthew Barnaby and reminiscing on the pre-lockout NHL, I received an ESPN NHL Update...

Peter Forsberg is practicing with the Avalanche.

Oh no.

I shat a brick.

(Make the jump)

Like a boss.

Sweet Wampa... What does this mean?
  • Is Peter the Great planning a Lemieux-esque comeback?
  • Could he be taking an office job with the Avs?
  • Am I about to be led into excitement by seeing one of my favorite power-danglers strap on skates with his most famed NHL club only to be disappointed when hours later he is on a plane back to Sweden to return to playing games with his sub-par current club, MODO Hockey?
Yeah, most likely the third one, but still the very thought of a Forsberg-Stastny-Hejduk line with Adam Foote and some other scrub defenseman on the back makes me want to move to Denver.

From what I've seen, his plane comes in tonight, and he'll be practicing with the team for 10 days following. The Avalanche fan base is already buzzing with excitement. After last nights game against Nashville was nearly half empty, tomorrow's game against Boston has already sold out.

Speaking of Nashville, here's hoping he stops back to visit.


Mmm. Tastes nostalgic.


  1. I believe the proper term is "Shart"


  2. That's a big brick to digest. Feel sorry for ya, bro.

  3. lmao!!

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