It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The NHL Trade Deadline.

February. Possibly the most important month of the year in reference to the future of a hockey club. Teams fight to get themselves in the playoff picture before the final stretch into the playoffs, or they struggle to retain their dignity while letting the rest of the lost season play out... not pointing fingers but....

It's been a long year, better luck next 100 million dollar contracted superstar.

Regardless of standings, one of the highlights of the season is about to occur.

February 28th at 3 p.m. is the scheduled trade deadline for the NHL. Teams without hope will look forward to the draft, and teams on the edge of the playoffs will look into risky deals to give themselves a better shot at the cup, presenting interesting trade scenarios.

Make the jump..

It's still fairly early on so many teams will be reluctant to reveal their intentions, but some teams are obviously in the running to make a big trade.

The Penguins are one team that will likely be making a deal or two this year. GM Ray Shero has a history of clutch deadline deals so it'll be interesting to see what he does this year with both Crosby and Malkin out.

Making the situation all the more interesting is the fact that Malkin's injury has given the team a good amount of cap room through long term salary relief, so we could potentially see a big trade happen. One player who Shero is supposedly is San Jose forward Devin Setoguchi, but a trade for him could require the Pens giving up more than they want to.

Devin Setoguchi

Reportedly the Boston Bruins are interested in some help up the middle, mostly due to the recent loss of center Marc Savard. GM Peter Chiarelli is apparently looking to acquire both a forward and a defenseman by the deadline.

From what I have seen, the Bruins are strongly interested in Toronto blueliner Tomas Kaberle, but I find it hard to believe that Toronto would get involved in another high profile trade with Boston after last years Phil Kessel-to-Toronto-for-a-first-round-pick deal. Also I honestly can't remember a year where I didn't hear a Kaberle trade rumor.

Did someone say "out of Toronto"?

Also in possible trade news, center Brad Richards of the Dallas Stars could be involved in a trade this season as it is unlikely that he'll be able to reach a contract agreement with the Stars management in the off season. A trade involving Richards to any team would be huge given the season he's been having, which makes it all the more unlikely in my opinion.

Sorry Brad, I don't even have a shitty joke for you.

...and that's as much as I've heard at this point. Expect updates on trades brewing and teams looking to make big deals.
Expect Lecavalier to Montreal rumors soon. They happen every year. Guaranteed.


  1. aah... I don't follow hockey so close to know exactly what you are talkin about, dood, but its a lot of fun to watch, and easily the best sport to see live. >:3

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