Malkin Out For the Season

On friday night, Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin was awkwardly hit into the boards by Buffalo's Tyler Myers.  As a result of the hit, Malkin tore his ACL and MCL and will likely require season ending surgery.

Here's the hit:

It looks like a really awkward hit, but obviously there was no intent to injure.  Despite Malkin's injury, the Penguins battled back from a 2-0 deficit to win 3-2.

This is a huge loss for Pittsburgh.  Malkin is clearly their most valuable player besides Crosby and even he is out with an injury.  The Pens have some tough times coming up, but its nothing they haven't battled through before.  Prior to last nights game, the Pens were without Crosby and Malkin.

The Pittsburgh is currently 3rd in the league in points behind the Philadelphia Flyers and Vancouver Canucks.


  1. that sucks its never good to see anyone get injured

    your friend,

  2. and down he goes. sucks to go out on a hit like that.

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  4. That would suck.

  5. no, not malkin! i had to miss the game because of work.

  6. That was a rough hit. Injured hockey players always seems to come out worse than most other sports.