It was the best of 35 minutes, it was the worst of 35 minutes..

Future Hall of Famer Peter Forsberg has once again, and supposedly finally, announced his retirement from professional hockey after making a comeback with the Avs which consisted of 2 games, 35 minutes on ice, and a minus 4.

Well this is awkward...

Home Swede home.

For Avalanche fans it must have all seemed too good to be true from the start, there had to be a catch to having a great player like Forsberg come back, and that catch was that Peter isn't the player he used to be.

Don't get me wrong, in his 35 minute performance he showed flashes of the game he used to put forward and he clearly his retained his brilliant hockey mind and vision of the ice, but it was unrealistic of fans to expect the Peter of years past to show up and save their team.

"I played hockey my whole life," he said. "But I decided I've played my final game."

"When I went out on the rink, I gave everything," Forsberg said today. "I tried and tried and tried. I'm really sure this time."

Forsberg formally announced his retirement on Valentine's Day morning. His decision is loosely based on long-standing foot injuries that have hindered him for years both in the NHL and playing for MODO in Sweden.

Peter will end his career with a stunning 885 points, 2 Stanley Cup rings with the Avalanche, and 2 Olympic gold medals. He is also expected to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame eventually, and to have his number 21 retired by the Avs in time.

Happy Retirement Peter.