To Trade, Or Not to Trade: Brad Richards

As we quickly approach the February 31st trade deadline, the Dallas Stars have a lot to think about. Their star, and debatably their best player Brad Richards is nearing the end of his contract, and will thus become a free agent this summer.

As of now, Richards makes upwards of $8 million a season and that number might possibly rise. Because of this, Dallas most likely will not be able to resign him.

This presents them with a question. Should they trade Brad Richards in order to gain prospect(s)/draft picks that they can build with in the future, or should they hold on to him and ride it out as they make their run at the Stanley Cup? Its an extremely tough call, one that I would not want to make.
(He's been there. Won a cup with Tampa in 2004)

Richards is 5th in the league in assists and 6th in the league in points with 61. He also already has over 20 goals on the season. He is one of Dallas' alternate captains and a team leader. If they deal him to another team, there will surely be a public backlash from the fans.

But on the other hand, Richards would fetch a high price from any contender. The Stars could easily get a high draft pick and/or good young talent. When you put it into perspective, the Stars lose Richards for 20 games or so and in exchange possibly get a player (or 2) that they could build around for years to come. It sounds ideal, but that would require them practically forfeiting their chances at the Stanley Cup this year.

VERDICT: Don't Trade. As appealing as it sounds, The Stars are in the thicket of the Stanley Cup race. Trading Richards would not only ruin their chances, but the public/fan backlash would be horrible. In addition, nobody said that he wouldn't resign.


  1. I think that's a good verdict. He has experience that will be needed in the playoffs.

  2. Yea they definitely won't trade him.

  3. He gets PAID! He should be bouncing around getting what he can before he gets retired.

  4. yup they should definitely keep him...nobody likes watching a bad team

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  6. won't trade!


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