Around the NHL 2/8 Edition

Theres been a lot going on in the NHL lately, most of it not good.  On the injury front, Marc Savard has been shut down for the season.  In much more gruesome news, Vancouver's Keith Ballard suffered a terrible knee injury tonight (2/7).

Obviously, Ballard did not return after being injured during the 1st period.  He'll undergo an MRI on Tuesday.

Ray Emery signed a two-way contract with the Anaheim Ducks yesterday (2/7) and at most he will make $500,000 and thats at the NHL level.  Emery sucks.  This move doesn't really mean anything.

You're Horrible

Pavel Datysuk returned after a 19 game absence due to a broken wrist.  He had a goal and an assist in his return. 

The trade deadline is creeping closer and closer.  Should be interesting...


  1. Ah time to suck it up! I've seen worse :p

  2. $500,000 to be a bad goalie doesnt make sense

  3. oh boy. knee injuries are never good news.

  4. I literally grimaced when I saw that...

    Just started a new blog, living where I am, hockey might come up as a topic. Feel free to follow if you'd like. :)


  5. ouch, knee injuries are bad, my knees are always causing me trouble from past injuries.

  6. Knee injuries can often take a very long time to heal properly, bad news for any sports man or woman :(

  7. Oh god! look at the pain! SPOOORRTSS