2nd Round Match-ups Set: Our Predictions

The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been completed.  In a pair of game 7's last night Tampa shut out the Penguins on Pittsburgh home ice to win the series and Boston advanced thanks to an overtime goal from Nathan Horton:

These games concluded a very exciting first round in hockey.  Tonight begins the Eastern/Western Conference Semi-Finals.  Here is mine and Adam's take.


                 (#1 Seed Canucks)                  (#5 Seed Predators)

Evan's Prediction: Canucks win in 5.
Adam's Prediction: Canucks win in 5.
Our Take: The Canucks just got done with a killer series with Chicago.  They'll have all the momentum and in addition we think that Chicago is a better team than Nashville and as a result the Canucks will take care of business.

                  (#2 Seed Sharks)                  (#3 Seed Red Wings)

Evan's Prediction: Red Wings win in 7.
Adam's Prediction: Sharks win in 6.
Our Take: The Red Wings swept Phoenix and haven't played in a while so we wouldn't be surprised if the Sharks jumped out with an early series lead. The Red Wings have plenty of experience though and the Sharks have been known to choke but this could shape up to be the premier series in the west.


                  (#1 Seed Capitals)                  (#5 Seed Lightning)

Evan's Prediction: Capitals win in 6.
Adam's Prediction: Capitals win in 5.
Our Take:  These are two pretty similar teams.  Both have high powered offenses and are lacking some defense and have questions with their goalies.  The Caps are lacking a proven #1 goalie while the Bolts have turned to a 41 year old net minder.  This series is going to come down to whichever goalie shows up. 

                  (#2 Seed Flyers)                  (#3 Seed Bruins)

Evan's Prediction: Bruins win in 6.
Adam's Prediction: Bruins win in 7.
Our Take: We feel that the Bruins are looking for redemption after last years monumental collapse.  The Bruins went up 3-0 in the series and ended up losing.  Adam feels that they will come out of the gates early and take it to the Flyers. 

-All in all we seem to agree with all of our picks except for the Sharks/Red Wings series.

-Vancouver and Nashville will play game 1 of their series tonight at 9:00.

-In our first round predictions, I correctly predicted 5 of the 8 series winners while Adam correctly predicted 4 of the 8 series winners.


  1. good job horton, and yay for kernkraft

  2. Canucks will not win! GO Predators!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You should put some money down on those bets! lol.